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Men’s rights are possibly the most ignored and mocked topic in American society. Due to a false belief in a mythical patriarchy, one supported by myths like a non-existent “wage gap”, the idea that men are naturally more violent or abusive, and other similar sexist ideas, American society has written sexist man-hating laws that regularly abuse men, and give preferential treatment to women. These laws are maintained specifically so that for-profit organizations like Child Support agencies can continue using men, and specifically poor men, as their source of income. Politicians maintain the lie so that they can guarantee their female voter base. Meanwhile, families suffer the consequences. 

Some facts to consider:

  • Biological fathers are at the mercy of the women’s discretion when faced with a surprise pregnancy. Biological fathers have no say of their parental destiny. 
  • Men’s reproductive rights are limited to the choice of whether or not to have sex, or whether or not to use protection, while women have a plethora of after-sex rights which include abortion, adoption, and the right to choose parenthood (or not). 
  • Men only receive custody of their children in about 16% of child custody cases. 
  • Court bias against men is six times larger than racial bias.
  • Men and women experience equal amounts of spousal violence, despite media almost solely focusing on women. 
  • About 30% of child support claims are fraudulent. Nothing is done about this problem. 
  • Schools and universities discriminate against men, and more women than men attend college. 
  • Men are often victims of rampant paternity fraud. 
  • Many men have been forced to pay child support for children that are not theirs. 
  • Study after study proves that there is no wage gap and that any gap is the result of a difference in decisions, not a result of discrimination. Despite this fact, the “patriarchy” is blamed for women making less. 
  • There are almost no domestic violence shelters for men, while there are thousands for women. 
  • The media focuses on deaths of women and girls in other countries, but completely ignores those of boys and men. One example is the the coverage of Boko Haram. 
  • Domestic violence programs are based on a completely sexist and man-hating Duluth Model, yet no one seems to mind. 
  • Thanks to the incredibly sexist and unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act, almost 1 billion dollars a year is given to “women’s programs”, and a man can be arrested for domestic violence whether or not any violence has occurred, purely based on the word of the woman.

Men need a voice in congress. If women are given nearly 1 billion per year for their problems, then men should receive the same amount, and have their own department for men’s issues, given that they suffer the same, and in some cases more, levels of abuse. In fact, men have a large disadvantage compared to women in nearly all aspects of American life, yet these issues are almost entirely ignored. Meanwhile, coverage of women’s issues are at an all-time high. 

I call on congress to repeal the sexist and unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act, an act that denies men due process, and to replace it with a gender-neutral policy that benefits all victims of abuse. I also demand that men receive the same funding and the same representation in congress as women do, and ask that congress establish the Office of Men’s Health, a counterpart to the Office of Women’s Health. I ask that federal kickbacks be denied to for-profit child support agencies, and that these agencies be abolished. It’s time for real equality between the sexes. 

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