Philip Gregory

Hi there! I’m a freelance writer, singer-songwriter, photographer, and a teacher. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Japanese, and a master’s in Epistemology. I speak English and Japanese. I’m a creative intellectual that likes to stay busy.


I’ve published two books and am working on a second. I work full-time as a freelance content writer and blog writer. I have extensive experience with SEO. I can handle any genre and produce any voice or tone, but my specialties are: philosophy, politics, religion, critical thinking, essays, scientific articles, research papers, creative writing, novels, short stories, and blogs. A few of the blogs I manage or contribute to are: Woke Father, Destiny 2 Carries and LFG, Transparent Languages, Critalyze, LIVE4NOXS, Nikujaga, and Cinescorch.


From the time I was twelve, I was singing on a stage with the family band. After growing up a bit, I became the lead singer for a signed progressive rock band that toured the nation. After leaving that band, I recorded and performed my own music, (which I am still doing today) and worked with people like Casey Grillo (of Kamelot and Queensryche) and William Neiman (Rainbow Trout Studios) to produce music that gained me appearances on both American and Japanese television and radio. Click here to listen to my current project. If you like what you hear, click here to help fund the project.


Music led to photography. My connections in the music industry helped me to build a small but successful freelance event photography business, and I have had the pleasure of shooting famous acts from both America and Japan, such as: Kamelot, Ulfuls, Vintage Trouble, and more. I also do a lot of portrait work and landscapes, and sell stock photography. To see my online portfolio, click here. Or, check out the small gallery below:


During my university years, I worked two part-time jobs teaching international students while also completing my studies: the Asia University America Program, and the International Peer Advisory Program. In 2011, I came to Japan to visit for the summer, and to practice my Japanese. At that time, I met a struggling language school that was on the verge of closing. I urged them to stay in open and gave them my ideas concerning the improvement of their school. They responded by hiring me as the Head of English. After going home for a month to get my visa, I came back to Japan to teach and resurrect the company. More than eight years later that company still flourishes, and I’ve made thousands of happy memories while teaching Japanese learners of various ages, in Japan.

So there you have it: a brief summary of who I am and what I do. Feel free to contact me here. If you want to see my full LinkedIn resume, click here. Also, you can download a Microsoft Word version of my resume, right from this site – just click the button below. Thanks for your interest!